By the Time We Got to Woofstock

If you’re anything like us, then you’re positively crazy about dogs and cats. And that’s a good thing because our four-legged friends give us so much joy. Just their presence adds good energy to even the most gloomy day or to an empty home. In fact, sharing your life with a dog or cat can have such positive effects on your physical and psychological well-being that scientists and doctors the world over have written extensively about their therapeutic abilities. Over the years the word has gotten out to spay, neuter and become responsible pet owners but sadly, animal overpopulation remains […]


How to beat the blank page blues

There’s a phenomenon that all serious writers and artists are well aware of – the terror of the blank page. Even history’s most celebrated authors and painters have from time to time found themselves poised above the keys or the canvas, awaiting some inner spark to ignite and somehow make the connection between mind, heart and hands. Sure, a blank page or a new assignment can be intimidating, but we like to look at them as an exciting landscape of infinite possibilities.   But what does it take to transform it into a stimulating, evocative, memorable and successful work? How […]